Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's Not Just a Movie, T-Shirt #9: Star Wars on Rogue One Day

It’s not just a movie. 

It’s my childhood.  It’s the magic of myth.  It’s playing with the figures. It’s spazzing when I got the Death Star for Christmas. It’s seeing Empire at The Flick in Westboro and not wanting to believe Vader was Luke’s father.  It’s quoting the lines with my family and friends. It’s jumping from one bed to another in the barn on PEI pretending your Luke jumping from one skiff to another. It’s watching the movies referenced in other places like Kevin Smith’s movies. It’s referencing the movies to people who don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s seeing 501st members at events. It’s seeing Return of the Jedi with my whole family.  It’s being 9 and having Princess Leia in her metal bikini confirm the unchosen fact that I am straight.   It’s knowing that Leia’s cell number was 2187.  It’s telling my Harry Potter-loving sister that Harry is the same myth story as Star Wars – orphan unwilling to be the hero is taken from home, given a magic object, taught by an old master, finds out part of him is bad, chooses good and takes on the ultimate evil. It’s feeling like a kid again when they rereleased the movies in 1997. It’s watching A New Hope with a special ed student who had never seen it and him saying “Hey, Luke hears voices just like I do!” after Obi-Wan’s spirit tells Luke to use The Force. It’s having three pie pieces in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit before some teams have taken their first turn.    It’s making my own Office Space Star Wars parody in response to Lucas saying he was changing the movies…again. It’s my nephew crying when I told him Darth Vader was Luke’s father and he thought I was lying.  It’s seeing an Episode II midnight showing with two of your best friends, Andy and Glen. It’s giving your Emperor figure to someone you hardly know, but not thinking twice about it because that person is a big fan. It’s waiting up to get Rogue One tickets.  It’s seeing Rogue One tonight with my brother, nephews, and cousin (who bought me this shirt as a thank you for getting Episode VII tickets last year). 

More than anything, it’s sharing the Love with other people. May The Force be with you…always.   

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