Wednesday, February 3, 2016

T-shirt #8: HOPE (President Obama Sees Hope T-shirt on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 3/12/15)

I bought this one from the Hope College online bookstore because I thought it would be a good one to wear to work at Hope Lodge.

Last March, I went to visit my friend Christina in LA, and was lucky enough to get tickets to see a Jimmy Kimmel taping.

A few days before I got there, they announced that President Obama was going to be a guest the night we had tickets.

Being the dork that I am, I wore this t-shirt to the taping, on the off-chance that the President would see it. Christina and I were seated in the second row, and had a great view of Jimmy's desk

When Obama got up to leave, I stood up to clap, and because the couple in front of me didn't stand up right away, he saw my t-shirt.  Check it out at the end of the video.  However you feel about him, it was a very cool moment.

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