Tuesday, December 15, 2015

T-shirt #3: Stop Wars

Although I do my best to minimize the times I use the word hate, I definitely keep a list of things on my permanent hate list.
Cancer, Crohn's Disease, War, The Montreal Canadiens, New York Yankees, and Boston University Hockey.  
To me these all are different forms and intensities of disease.  
The Habs, Yanks, and BU never put me in a hospital, but they definitely gave me times when I didn't feel at ease.  
Crohn's Disease doesn't kill as many people as cancer, but it's a lifelong struggle for a lot of people and I wouldn't wish it upon any Canadiens player.  
I've never witnessed War firsthand, but from what I've seen and read, I think it's horrific. I see a lot of people, including children, dying over a disagreement.  I understand when someone says they want to take over the world and start invading countries, other countries have to come together and stop that person (say his name is Mitler, for example).  Mitlers must be stopped.  But I don't see anyone saying they want to take over the world.  I've seen my country go into other countries.  According to this article, the US has bases in 800 locations outside the US. Unfortunately, whether or not we are the "good guys" is a matter of opinion.  
That's why fighting terrorism or terrorist groups is in some ways more difficult and less clear cut than it was when the US helped to stop Hitler (and the Axis powers) in World War II.  Anyone who believes in the ideology of ISIS will see the US as an enemy regardless of what country they were born in or currently reside in.  I'm American and have enjoyed the privileges of living in the US, but in some ways my heart belongs to Canada (hockey, health care, 78-day political campaigns). Above all, I think what 

you are taught will have the most influence on what you believe in.  I was raised Catholic, but my parents taught me to judge people on how they behave, and not their religious, ethnic, or any other kind of background.  They instilled an appreciation of Irish music and culture in me, but never said Irish people were any better than any other group, or said I should hate Protestants because of things that happened in Ireland.  The never said I couldn't be friends with someone because of their religion or skin color. 
I know many people think it's impossible, but John Lennon was right.  War is over, if you want it. If enough people believe in it and want it, War can be over.  
Every major religion in the world has a version of the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated (see my Coexist T-shirt blog).  If everyone took that teaching of their religion to heart, it could overcome all of the other quotes, teachings, and ideas that people feel the need to kill and die for. To many it may seemed far-fetched, but I believe it's possible.
This t-shirt is one of my favorites because it's an idea that I believe in, and also based on my favorite movies.  It's a new one, but replaced the old, worn out one from my t-shirt blog.  
So during this Sithmas week, let's enjoy Star Wars, and believe in Stop Wars.

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